Wood Boards

The Permabande rink system is also available with wood siding.

Indeed, Permafib can design, manufacture and install all the components of an outdoor rink with a high-quality wood coating customized to your specifications and estimates. Consult our team of experts for more details.

Here are some achievements:

1-Patinoire-en-bois-Parc-Duff-Court1-Lachine 2-Patinoire-en-bois-Parc-Duff-Court2-Lachine 3-Patinoire-en-bois-Parc-Duff-Court3-Lachine
4-Patinoire-en-bois-Parc-Duff-Court-4-Lachine 6-Parc-Duff-Court-Montreal-Lachine