Fibreglass Boards


Permarink is a factory-produced rink board system made out of fiberglass.

The Permarink system is an economical and eco-friendly board solution for outdoor skating rinks. Permafib designs, manufactures and provides installation of each modular system to create sustainable, resistant and easy-to-maintain spaces.

Permarink products are made of fiberglass, and are suitable for all sizes and configurations. Whether it is for civic centers (parks and community centers) or private establishments (schools, sports clubs, Dek hockey, etc), the Permarink system is suitable for both exterior and interior spaces.

Key Features :

  • Profitable and sustainable investment;
  • Incomparable aesthetics;
  • Unique and robust design;
  • No visible joints;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Enhanced durability (lasts longer than wooden boards);
  • Turnkey installation
  • Stainless steel hardware.

Several Options Available : 

  • Dek hockey surface;
  • Shelters for players;
  • Mesh protection (Frost) of different heights;
  • Protective nets;
  • Benches for players.

Summary Sheet :  

Structure and Coating

  • White, 48'' fiber glass panel, 1-1/4'' thick (3/4'' fiber-coated plywood) attached to the frame with an aluminum plate.
  • Fiberglass coated in GelCoat for a smooth and uniform finish.

Types of anchors

  • HPPB Cast concrete of 6" in diameter x 4" deep with 2-3/8" posts.


  • Adjustable hinge and latch in heavy-duty stainless steel.

Player Door

  • Door of 30" x 39" with lock and stainless steel hinges located along the ice rink.

Porte pour machinerie

  • Door with 2 sections of 5' with aluminum 6063T5 locking system of 2"x 0.120" located along the ice rink.
  • Adjustable stainless steel hinge with method of lubrication.


Some Achievements:

Permabande fibre de verre-Permarink Fiber Glass Boards-Ottawa-01 Permabande fibre de verre-Permarink Fiber Glass Boards-Ottawa-02 Permabande fibre de verre-Permarink Fiber Glass Boards-Ottawa-03